Surging Seas

Posted on: 8/08/2012 - Updated on: 1/23/2024

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Jessica Hitt


Climate Central’s Surging Seas website includes an interactive online map which allows users to view coastal flooding exposure maps and local projections for over 3,000 coastal towns, cities, counties, and states. The tool allows users to zoom in, search by zip code, city, or state to find associated statistics, plans, factsheets, and data.


The program dedicates its efforts to helping citizens, communities, businesses, organizations, and governments at every level to understand the consequences of different carbon pathways and to navigate the shifting waters of our warming world.

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Climate Central is an independent nonprofit organization that was founded in 2008 to meet the need for a central authoritative source for climate change information.

Climate Central scientists publish peer-reviewed research on climate science; energy; impacts such as sea level rise; climate attribution and more. But our work isn't confined to scientific journals. We investigate and synthesize weather and climate data and science to equip local communities and media with the tools they need to visualize the threat of climate change and the need for practical solutions.


Target Climate Changes and Impacts

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