Surging Seas Risk Finder

Posted on: 10/30/2013 - Updated on: 1/23/2024

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Rachel Gregg


Climate Central's Surging Seas Risk Finder is a free web tool that allows users to view, customize, download, and share maps and analysis related to coastal flooding from storm surge, tides, and permanent submergence from sea level rise. 

It aims to provide citizens, communities and policymakers with easily accessible, science-based, local information to help you understand and respond to the risks of sea level rise and coastal flooding. Risk Finder also provides customized downloadable tables and figures to make it easier for you to spread the word.

The interactive toolkit includes maps, local sea level and flood risk projections, and potential impacts for population, land, and, depending upon location, other variables. It analyzes and compares risks among different administrative units as a way to identify hot spots of concern.

Risk Finder is grounded in peer-reviewed science, including two widely cited and recognized core studies. Building on these and more recent research (see below), Risk Finder uses updated sea level projections, flood risk analysis and elevation data, where available.

A brief video introduces how to use the tool.


The public web tool was developed in order to provide local U.S. regions and policy makers with tailored local information that can be used to assess and respond to the risks of sea level rise and coastal flooding.

      - California
      - Connecticut
      - Delware
      - Florida
      - Georgia
      - Maine
      - Maryland
      - Massachusetts
      - New Hampshire
      - New Jersey
      - New York
      - North Carolina
      - Oregon
      - Rhode Island
      - South Carolina
      - Virginia
      - Washington
      - Washington, D.C. - See more at:…

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Climate Central scientists publish peer-reviewed research on climate science; energy; impacts such as sea level rise; climate attribution and more. But our work isn't confined to scientific journals. We investigate and synthesize weather and climate data and science to equip local communities and media with the tools they need to visualize the threat of climate change and the need for practical solutions.