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It is an accepted fact that anthropogenic climate change is underway and most everything we do is vulnerable to its effects. Therefore, planning for this reality is an increasing priority at the government, management, and community levels. Although many organizations have started to incorporate climate change thinking into their work, adaptation strategies are being initiated in disparate fields at a multitude of levels. This is where CAKE comes in.

CAKE was created to help people understand climate adaptation efforts across sectors and disciplines. This prevents the “reinventing of wheels” that happens when people work in isolation, and spurs instead the type of coordinated, innovative action that can happen now—as opposed to in the future.

CAKE is a program of EcoAdapt and was designed as a forum to enrich, strengthen, and accelerate adaptation efforts. As such, CAKE makes it easy for users to share data, tools, best practices, policies, and lessons learned. The ultimate goal is to create a living knowledge exchange among a growing community of people concerned with climate change adaptation.

About Climate Adaptation

  • Will climate change impact your work or goals?
  • Does your work provide valuable information on how climate change will impact systems, species, or people?
  • Do you need to incorporate climate change into your management strategies or policy?

If climate change will impact your work or goals in any way, then CAKE is for you! CAKE is an innovative community website for people working to manage the natural and built environment in the face of climate change. Whether you are actively engaged in adaptation or new to the concept and exploring ways to incorporate it into your work, CAKE will prove to be an invaluable resource.

People who are already part of the CAKE community include conservation biologists, fish and wildlife managers, restoration ecologists, resource and land managers, planners, professors and researchers, policy analysts, and environmental advocates.

Join the CAKE Community

Do you think climate change will impact your system or your work’s goals? Do you feel unsure about how to begin incorporating climate change into what you do? If your answer is yes, then CAKE is the place for you!

CAKE aims to:

  • Support implementation of adaptation action by providing case studies of what others are doing across different geographies and ecosystems.
  • Inform your efforts by pointing you to valuable information.
  • Connect you with others that are actively thinking and working about incorporating climate change into their work.
  • Build the field by providing you with examples for what is currently going on so the CAKE community can take these strategies forward, improve upon them, and contribute back to CAKE.

As many prepare for and begin to respond to the impacts of climate change they lack the capacity to start incorporating climate change into their work. CAKE aims to fill this capacity gap and prevent the feeling of inaction that plagues many managers. CAKE provides a plethora of information in an easy to use geo-referenced database to help users find the information they need to move forward.

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As CAKE is a program of EcoAdapt, the CAKE team is made up of both EcoAdapt staff and independent contractors who keep the site running smoothly and constantly evolving to meet the needs of our users and the larger adaptation community.

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