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The Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange (CAKE) is an ever-growing knowledge platform that houses a comprehensive digital library of high-quality climate change adaptation resources. We offer a free space for users to find and share open access resources with the larger adaptation community.

> Explore resources submitted by others and learn about new community opportunities

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Explore CAKE

CAKE houses an extensive database of open access resources and community events and opportunities.

Case Studies

CAKE case studies are real-world examples of adaptation projects that highlight:

  • Actions taken by others in the field and lessons learned
  • A variety of sectors and their approaches for addressing a multitude of climate impacts
  • Barriers to adaptation action and innovative solutions
  • Recommendations for moving forward

Case Studies


CAKE provides downloadable resources that span a variety of adaptation topics and:

  • Include scientific journals, grey literature, books, action plans, and multimedia sources
  • Are high-quality resources about planning for climate impacts and implementing adaptation actions
  • Help users quickly and easily identify a full range of available adaptation resources



CAKE directs users to a variety of tools like interactive maps and databases that will:

  • Help users process climate change information
  • Allow users to identify and assess risks and vulnerabilities to climate change
  • Help users make informed management decisions
  • Support adaptation action



CAKE features hundreds of climate-related events on the events calendar:

  • Virtual & In-person events
  • Webinars
  • Conferences
  • Trainings



CAKE houses an community board where jobs, funding, and more are shared:

  • Jobs & internships
  • Fellowships
  • Grants & funding
  • Call for proposals for conferences



CAKE's directory of organizations working in climate adaptation allows users to:

  • Learn more about the organizations undertaking adaptation work
  • Find resources published by individual organizations
  • Connect with other practitioners and those who have contributed resources to CAKE


Contribute to CAKE

We encourage you to submit your open access adaptation-related resources, events, and opportunities!

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We encourage you to submit your own resources to share your expertise and knowledge with others in the field. This helps us stay at the forefront of adaptation knowledge, so we can evolve to meet the community's need.

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When submitting content, please include as much information as possible (title, authors, associated organizations, geographic region, source links and files, and relevant keywords). Refer to the section above to understand what type of content CAKE will publish. 

All content will be reviewed by the CAKE Team before it is published to the site. Once published, resources will appear under the “My Resources” section of your CAKE Dashboard.

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