~ Needs Assessment Survey

This section provides a snapshot of the needs expressed by federal, tribal, state, and other practitioners in undertaking climate-informed fisheries management and conservation actions. In order to better understand the needs of marine fisheries managers and other professionals to respond to a changing climate, we released an online survey and collected responses between August 2014 and February 2015.

The survey was designed to:

  • Assess fisheries professionals' concerns about climate change impacts
  • Document activities to plan and prepare for these impacts
  • Compile needs, opportunities, and barriers in planning for climate change

The survey was released through Constant Contact, an online email marketing company, and responses were collected through SurveyMonkey. The survey was sent to a list of 527 individuals, including fisheries resource managers and scientists from regional fishery councils; federal, tribal, state, and local agencies; non-governmental organizations; and commercial and recreational operators; participants were also invited to share the survey with other interested parties. Through these efforts, we collected 134 responses, yielding a 25.4% response rate.


  1. Survey Respondents
  2. Threats to Fisheries
  3. Information Needs
  4. Climate-Informed Fisheries Management
  5. Adaptation Strategies