~ Needs Assessment Survey Results

In order to identify climate-informed anti-displacement activities underway in U.S. communities, we conducted an online survey and follow-up interviews. A unified set of questions were created and a coding scheme for answers was designed in order to make tracking and cross-referencing possible. The online survey used a structured approach with multiple choice options provided from which respondents could select. Survey responses were collected through SurveyMonkey, a web-based survey company, between July and October 2019 with 179 respondents from across the United States. We also reached out directly to survey respondents who identified specific climate-informed anti-displacement initiatives from the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. Examples from these and other initiatives to address climate change are presented with the survey results:


  1. Respondents
  2. Community Pressures
  3. Knowledge, Products & Services
  4. Adaptation Motivations, Barriers & Opportunities