Find Vetted Climate Adaptation Professionals.

The demand for quality adaptation expertise has never been higher. But with limited time and capacity, many people have trouble finding the help they need to take climate action.

This is where the Climate Adaptation Services Registry (the Registry) comes in. The Registry helps time-strapped decision-makers quickly find experts to help them plan for, implement, and evaluate climate adaptation and resilience actions.

Unlike other professional registries that simply list an organization’s name and basic information, the Registry delves deep into what makes a particular organization valuable – it’s work ethos and real life project examples.

Each organization’s profile features at least one project example detailing the project background, how the project was implemented, and the outcomes. These examples leverage the infrastructure of the Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange (CAKE; – a trusted database for climate adaptation resources and home to nearly 500 on-the-ground adaptation case studies.

The Registry’s vision is to advance the field of climate change adaptation by promoting a common understanding of good practice and creating a system of service provider accountability.

Increase Your Organization’s Exposure.

The Registry can help your organization create better visibility and accessibility of its services and by offering a searchable database that can be used when developing project teams to respond to RFPs. The Registry allows you to highlight work examples, showcase experts in your organization, and tag key features about your organization such as sector, regional focus, and service type.

The Registry leverages the Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange’s (CAKE; web platform which averages over 4k monthly visitors and houses thousands of adaptation resources.

Forge Effective Partnerships.

The Registry makes it easy for you to search for vetted service providers by geographic region, expertise, and more. Use the Registry to review past projects and better gauge which service provider has the most relevant qualifications. The Registry may be especially helpful to smaller communities who do not have internal adaptation capacity or the resources to vet service providers on their own.

Each organization listed on the Registry has been vetted using the American Society of Adaptation Professional’s Living Guide to the Principles of Climate Change Adaptation. You can spend less time researching about an organization’s experience and more time determining for suitability and developing a partnership.

Built on Collaboration.

The Climate Adaptation Resilience Registry (the Registry) was launched in 2019 and spearheaded by EcoAdapt’s Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange (CAKE) and the American Society of Adaptation Professionals (ASAP). CAKE and ASAP worked with eight climate adaptation service providers and service seekers to develop the criteria, application, and review process.

Because the Registry was built by the adaptation community, for the adaptation community, we are confident that you will find value in this tool. The Registry is the culmination of decades of experience and knowledge of climate adaptation and resilience, bringing together collaborative information sharing platforms with field-spanning leadership.

Registry Project Team

  • Jessica Hitt, EcoAdapt - Project Manager
  • Rachel Jacobson, American Society of Adaptation Professionals (ASAP) - Project Manager
  • Tera Johnson, EcoAdapt - Project Support

Registry Working Group

  • Franziska Alesso Bendisch, Independent service provider
  • Carol Davis, Town of Blacksburg
  • Tonya Graham, Geos Institute
  • Marcus Griswold, Country of San Mateo
  • Kristin Kelleher, Climate Action Business Association
  • Julia Kim, Local Government Commission
  • Sasha Peterson, Adaptation International
  • Patrick Marchman, Resilience Action Partners
  • Helena Rhim, Local Government Commission
  • Kif Scheuer, Local Government Commission
  • Julia Kim, Local Government Commission
  • Helena Rhim, Local Government Commission