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paleBLUEdot, a Minnesota LLC and S/WBE Certified Business, is a climate action, carbon management, and renewable energy consultancy firm established in 2014. Our mission is to support the transition to a low-carbon economy through an array of sustainability assessment, consultancy, and planning services, and through education that increases awareness and enhances public dialogue. Serving this dual mission of consultancy and education, paleBLUEdot’s principals represent a unique blend of professional expertise: Colleen Redmond, Co-Founder, is an accomplished educator, a curriculum designer, and Design Thinking consultant and leads the firm’s education and awareness outreach programs with a particular focus on Youth engagement and engagement for equity. Ted Redmond, Co-Founder, is an urban planner and registered architect with over 25 years of practice providing assessment, programming, sustainability, and design services for well over 100 local, state and Federal projects paleBLUEdot has extensive climate, carbon, and renewable energy planning experience from the scale of individual sites to community-wide efforts. Within the last two years alone, paleBLUEdot has completed 36 relevant community planning efforts in the State of Minnesota including climate vulnerability studies, vulnerable population assessments, climate action and adaptation plans, renewable energy potential studies and master plans, heat island mitigation plans, and tree canopy and green infrastructure carbon sequestration master plans.

Adaptation Phase
  • Assessment
  • Awareness
  • Implementation
  • Planning
Sector Addressed
  • Climate Justice
  • Culture / Communities
  • Development (socioeconomic)
  • Disaster Risk Management
  • Education / Outreach
  • Energy
  • Land Use Planning
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Policy
  • Public Health
  • Research
  • Transportation / Infrastructure
Service Type
  • Change Policy and Law
  • Communicate and Engage
  • Measure and Learn
  • Plan
  • Shift Management Practices and Recurring Behavior
  • United States
  • Northwest
  • Southwest
  • Central
  • Midwest
  • Mid-Atlantic
  • Southeast & Caribbean

Solutions Offered