Adaptation Database and Planning Tool (ADAPT)

Created: 5/27/2011 - Updated: 2/27/2020


ICLEI's advanced Adaptation Database and Planning Tool (ADAPT) walks users through the process of assessing vulnerabilities, setting resiliency goals, and developing plans that integrate into existing hazard and comprehensive planning efforts.

ADAPT consists of six modules:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Conducting a Resiliency Study
  3. Setting Preparedness Goals (coming soon)
  4. Creating a Preparedness Plan (coming soon)
  5. Implementing a Preparedness Plan (coming soon)
  6. Monitoring, Evaluating, and Re-Assessing (coming soon)

NOTE: You must be a member of ICLEI to access this tool.


ICLEI members, local governments, available as part of ICLEI's Climate Resilient Communities Program


ICLEI–Local Governments for Sustainability is the leading nonprofit membership association devoted to local governments engaged in sustainability, climate protection, and clean energy initiatives.  In the United States, ICLEI USA is the recognized leader in its field, creating cutting-edge tools and establishing national standards.


Target Climate Changes and Impacts
Culture / communities
Type of Tool
Adaptation Planning / Decision Support
Adaptation Planning Frameworks / Toolkits
Community Planning
Impact or Vulnerability Assessment
Type of Adaptation Action/Strategy
Community Planning (developing climate-smart communities)
Develop / implement adaptation plans
Tool Cost
Varies with application