Adaptation Progress Tracker

Created: 10/16/2017 - Updated: 2/27/2020


States and communities around the country have begun to prepare for the climate changes that are already underway.  This planning process typically results in a document called an adaptation plan.  

The Adaptation Progress Tracker tool catalogs the progress states are making on implementing adaptation plans. Each state profile provides an overview of state agency and local-government efforts to prepare for climate change. States with a comprehensive adaptation plan include detailed goal-by-goal analysis of the steps that the state has taken to implement each goal. The tracker provides easily accessible links to agency plans, state laws and policies, local adaptation plans and more.


The nonpartisan Georgetown Climate Center seeks to advance effective climate, energy, and transportation policies in the United States—policies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help communities adapt to climate change.

The Center performs a vital role in the development of policy by:


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