AdaptWest - A Climate Adaptation Conservation Planning Database for North America

Posted on: 1/23/2023 - Updated on: 1/23/2023

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Conservation planning efforts that are naïve to climate change have the potential to be inefficient at best and, at worst, ineffective. Although many approaches have been suggested for integrating climate adaptation within the conservation planning process, climate-adaptation conservation planning is still in the early stages of development. To remedy this knowledge gap, AdaptWest is:

  1. Conducting a comprehensive comparison and synthesis of the many available approaches that have previously been developed;
  2. Applying those approaches to the majority of North America;
  3. Developing a spatial database from the results of these analyses

These products provide agencies and organizations with detailed knowledge about how the different approaches work and to what degree they are complementary or duplicative. The database provides users with integrative analyses and tools that can inform conservation planning and prioritization across much of North America.

Data Sets include:

  • Climate Data
  • Species Data
  • Physical Habitat Data
  • Land Connectivity Data


AdaptWest is a spatial database designed to help land management agencies and other organizations implement strategies that promote resilience, protect biodiversity, and conserve and enhance the adaptation potential of natural systems in the face of a changing climate.

Watershed Climate Data Explorer           Climate Resilience Data Explorer           Climate Displacement Explorer

Watershed Climate Data Explorer          Climate Resilience Data Explorer          Climate Displacement Explorer

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