AgBiz Logic™

Oregon State University

Created: 9/24/2018 - Updated: 9/24/2018


AgBiz Logic is a suite of economic, financial, and environmental decision tools for businesses that grow, harvest, package, add value, and sell agricultural products.

  • AgBizProfit™ Measure your profitability. AgBizProfit enables you to make more effective short-, medium-, and long-term capital investment decisions by effectively measuring your investment’s profitability. 
  • AgBizLease™ Enhance your negotiations. AgBizLease allows you to establish equitable crop and livestock leases. 
  • AgBizFinance™ Manage your financial risk. AgBizFinance empowers you to make sound investment decisions based on 19 financial ratios and performance measures. 
  • AgBizEnvironment™ Gauge your environmental impact. AgBizEnvironment gives you the ability to account for environmental impacts when analyzing business decisions. AgBizClimate™ Observe before and after effects of climate change. 
  • AgBizClimate is both a farm-level decision support tool and an assessment tool for researchers and government agencies to realistically determine how climate change and climate change policies may influence and impact regional agricultural sectors.




AgBizClimate uses downscaled farm-level information to project yield and production inputs that change over time due to climate change. These yield changes are the impetus for producer-generated adjustments in input use, management and technology adoption that may lessen the negative impacts or take advantage of positive opportunities.

AgBizClimate delivers essential information about climate change to farmers and land managers. By using data unique to their specific farming operations, professionals can develop management pathways that best fit their operations under a changing climate. Additionally, the application helps the user understand how decisions about new programs, management options and technologies or varieties may impact their net returns and livelihoods.

Through the use of AgBizClimate farmers can compare changes in their specific farm-level economic costs and returns associated with on-farm actions in response to climate change and/or policy and price changes. AgBizClimate summarizes the climate information that is available for the farmer’s specific area, then demonstrates through powerful graphics how this downscaled information could impact the economic costs and returns the farmer is likely to face over the next 20-30 years.



Contact: Clark Seavert