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The Carbon Map

Created: 12/17/2013 - Updated: 12/14/2018


This website uses an animated, distorted, shaded, interactive map to help convey how different countries fit into the climate change picture – both the causes and the risks. It was created as an entry for the World Bank’s Apps for Climate competition.

Climate change responsibility is conventionally discussed in terms of national emissions or emissions per capita. We feel that fails to convey the true complexity of the picture, as it ignores crucial factors such as historical emissions – most of which are still in the air – and the international trade in fossil fuels and other goods.

To give a more nuanced picture, we’ve assembled data from various different sources to show where the fossil fuels that become CO2 are taken out of the ground (Extraction), where they’re burned (Emissions) and where the resulting goods and services are consumed (Consumption).

In addition to those three perspectives on current emissions, we also give a view of the past in the form of cumulative emissions from the last 150 years (Historical) and one view of potential future emissions in the form of each country’s estimated stocks of fossil fuel (Reserves).

Vulnerability data is represented by People at risk, Sea level, and Poverty.


International/national level planners, managers, government, and organizaition leaders

Kiln combines skills from journalism, web development, data analysis, mathematics, cartography and graphic design to make complex information engaging, interactive and easy to understand. We specialise in data visualisation, digital storytelling, maps and animation. Browse our projects to get the idea.

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