The CLEAR Toolkit

Created: 5/02/2019 - Updated: 2/27/2020


CLEAR Miami (Community Leadership on the Environment, Advocacy, and Resilience)

 CLEAR Miami is a 12-week training program focused in climate resilience education and leadership. Participants will develop a deep understanding of climate science and local climate change threats and solutions in addition to broadening their leadership and advocacy skills so they can effectively support practices, programs, and policies that strengthen the resiliency of Miami communities to the effects of climate change.

This toolkit shares strategies, successes, and lessons learned from the program. This toolkit is aimed at equipping other communities to create similar climate resilience programs. 


Catalyst Miami’s mission is to identify and collectively solve issues adversely affecting low-wealth communities throughout Miami-Dade County.

What we’ve learned from nearly two decades in our line of work: making our vision a reality requires focus on three community building strategies.