Climate Bathtub Simulation

Created: 11/21/2014 - Updated: 2/27/2020


What happens if we cap carbon emissions at current levels? Or continue their growth? Or reduce them? This simple animated simulation of the global carbon system is great for helping people explore the relationship between carbon emissions and atmospheric CO2.

The Climate Bathtub Simulation is a brief, animated, interactive simulation game that teaches several principles regarding the dynamics of the global carbon cycle and climate change.

Resources for Using and Sharing the Bathtub Sim


Designed for both children and adults, its purpose is to improve understanding of how changes in carbon dioxide emissions will affect levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.


The biggest challenges facing our lives on Earth are made up of complex, interconnected parts. People need better ways to understand the full picture.

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Our team at Climate Interactive helps people see what works to address climate change and related issues like energy, water, food, and disaster risk reduction. For example:


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