Climate Change Adaptation Community of Practice (CCACoP)

Posted on: 9/21/2018 - Updated on: 2/27/2020

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The Climate Change Adaptation Community of Practice (CCACoP) is an interactive online community dedicated to advancing knowledge and action in the area of climate change adaptation. The CCACoP serves as a location where researchers, experts, policy-makers and practitioners from across Canada can come together to ask questions, generate ideas, share knowledge, and communicate with others working in the field of climate change adaptation. One of the main goals of the CCACoP is to support all Canadian provinces and territories in their efforts to incorporate climate change adaptation into planning and policies.


Al Douglass

Managing Organizations

The Ontario Centre for Climate Impacts and Adaptation Resources (OCCIAR) at MIRARCO is dedicated to assisting communities and sectors adapt to climate change through the provision of climate science and adaptation tools. The Centre is also a resource hub for researchers and stakeholders searching for activities, events and resources on climate change impacts and adaptation.