Climate Change Adaptation Workshops: A Planning Guide for Local Government Staff

Posted on: 8/06/2018 - Updated on: 8/06/2018

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Emily Sadigh


This guide walks any local government climate champion through the steps to plan a single half-day workshop that can jumpstart adaptation projects for an agency or program. The goal of the workshop is to help teams identify some feasible, near-term steps to prepare for a climate impact that directly affects local residents they work with. This approach can advance climate resiliency work with limited resources. The guide includes examples from Alameda County workshops on heat island and air quality, as well as sample presentations, agendas, and breakout group activities.



Local government or non-profit climate champions. May include local government staff in emergency preparedness, fire, human services, library, parks, public health, or public works.


Alameda County Office of Sustainability

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