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Posted on: 4/21/2023 - Updated on: 5/29/2023

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The Climate at a Glance tool displays historical and spatial comparisons of local, county, state, regional, national, and global meteorological data to determine trends and patterns.

Climate at a Glance was developed at the request of NOAA Headquarters for near real-time analysis of monthly temperature and precipitation data across the contiguous U.S. and intended for the study of climate variability. Since the fall of 2000, users have been able to request data for select cities, states, regions and the nation and compare current conditions with the historical record. More recently, various parameters (e.g. heating/cooling degree days and drought indicators), expanded regional options (e.g. counties, river basins, agricultural belts, etc.) and new analyses (e.g. Haywood plots and climatological rankings) have been added to enhance and broaden the capabilities of this tool.

The global component of Climate at a Glance provides global-scale temperature information using data from NOAA's Global Surface Temperature Analysis, which uses comprehensive data collections of increased global coverage over land and ocean surfaces. The tool provides near real-time analysis of monthly and annual temperatures for the globe and is intended for the study of climate variability and change. Data is provided globally, by hemisphere, and by land and ocean surface components. The interactive mapping tool allows analysis of the spatial patterns of global temperature anomalies and regional temperature analysis. Recent data are preliminary and may be modified after appropriate quality control has been performed.

Because these data are primarily intended for the study of climate variability, observations have been adjusted to account for the artificial effects introduced into the climate record by factors such as instrument changes, station relocation, observer practice changes and urbanization. Some of the more current data provided by Climate at a Glance are preliminary and may be modified after appropriate quality control has been performed. As a result, some values may differ from official observations.

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