Climate Ready Communities Practical Guide to Developing Climate Resilience

Posted on: 7/11/2018 - Updated on: 11/09/2022

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Over the past 10 years of helping communities understand and adapt to changing climate conditions, the Geos Institute has developed a proven planning framework known as Whole Community Resilience - a cross-sector, multi-stakeholder approach that is adaptive over time and creates multiple benefits across the community. The framework aims to not only develop a plan, but also to strengthen local adaptive capacity, which ensures that communities have the skills necessary to update their climate resilience plans over time.

The Climate Ready Communities program brings Whole Community Resilience to local governments through an assisted “Do-It-Yourself” approach with 3 elements:

  1. The comprehensive Practical Guide to Building Climate Resilience for small to medium sized communities (free)
  2. Annual Support ($2499 for year one, $1500 per year after that)
  3. Other Services ($500 - $15k)

The free resource “A Practical Guide to Building Climate Resilience” is built on the Geos Institute’s Whole Community Resilience framework and walks you through creating a climate resilience plan for your community. We have built it as a Do-It-Yourself guide, pointing readers to free resources where available and incorporating lessons learned from experts in the climate resilience field.

Annual Support includes tools and support to help a community using the Guide:

  • Templates
  • Tutorials for key concepts in the templates and Guide
  • 60 minute, live call-in forum held monthly
  • 3 hours of consulting per year
  • On-line community forum
  • Secure website for access to Annual Support resources

If a regional organization such as a county signs up for Annual Support, it may share these resources between the local jurisdictions within its purview.


A comprehensive, free guide to the climate resilience planning process and support services for guide users who seek some assistance when using the guide


Local governments, community organizations and regional organizations that seek to develop and implement climate resilience plans


Geoff Weaver

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The GEOS Institute is a nonprofit, science-based organization dedicated to helping both human and natural communities predict and prepare for a changing climate. To this end, the Geos Institute applies the best available science to natural resource conservation issues through its scientific publications and its ability to link respected scientists to decision makers.

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