Climate Resilience Toolkit

Posted on: 10/18/2017 - Updated on: 8/03/2022

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Meet the Challenges of a Changing Climate -  Find information and tools to help you understand and address your climate risks.

Steps to Resilience

The Toolkit outline the Five Steps to Resilience. By following the steps, user will learn about reviewing climate hazards, vulnerability assessments, indentifying possible solutions, planning, taking action, and monitoring the results. 

Case Studies

Explore case studies to see how people are building resilience for their businesses and in their communities. Click dots on the map below to preview case studies, or browse all case studies by clicking the button below the map.


Looking for climate data? Need to compile a Climate Vulnerability Assessment or Adaptation Plan? Our catalog of more than 200 digital tools can help you take steps to build resilience, from engaging a community to developing a climate action plan. Find tools like the National Land Cover Database Evaluation, Visualization, and Analysis (EVA) Tool which helps provide user-friendly access to national and state land cover and land cover change information. 


Explore topics such as the built environment, food, and tribal nations. Learn about key points, details on climate impacts and resilience, and even more through subtopics like land-use planning, conservation, or social equity. 

Tour the Toolkit

Watch our three-minute video to learn about the purpose and components of the Climate Resilience Toolkit.


Established in October 2005, NOAA's Climate Program Office (CPO) provides strategic guidance and oversight for the agency's climate science and services programs. Designed to build knowledge of climate variability and change—and how they affect our health, our economy, and our future—the CPO's programs have three main objectives: