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Posted on: 11/22/2022 - Updated on: 11/22/2022

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Climate TRACE is a global non-profit coalition created to make meaningful climate action faster and easier by independently tracking greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions with unprecedented detail and speed.

Most human economic activities release greenhouse gases into the earth's atmosphere. We harness satellite imagery and other forms of remote sensing, artificial intelligence, and collective data science expertise to track human-caused GHG emissions with unprecedented detail and speed. With more and more information streaming in from space and sensors around the globe, our emissions estimates are continuously improving.

Climate TRACE’s emissions inventory is the world’s first comprehensive accounting of GHG emissions based primarily on direct, independent observation. Our innovative, open, and accessible approach relies on advances in technology to fill critical knowledge gaps for all decision makers that rely on the patchwork system of self-reporting that serves as the basis for most existing emissions inventories.

Climate TRACE is built on a foundation of collaboration and continuous improvement, so we want to hear from you! Whether you’re a researcher who would like to contribute data and analysis, a decision-maker interested in diving deeper into our data, or a journalist looking to shine a light on emissions trends, we’re ready to work with you!



Climate TRACE offers an open and accessible platform that enables anyone to access up-to-date estimates of emissions from all major sources—and even thousands of individual facilities and assets— across the global economy. We built Climate TRACE to enable faster and smarter policies to drive emissions reductions through radical transparency and universal accountability. In doing so, we aim to provide timely emissions information to everyone.


Climate TRACE