Coastal Climate Adaptation Decision Support (C-CADS)

Posted on: 1/22/2024 - Updated on: 1/22/2024

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C-CADS is an iterative decision support process designed to support adaptation planning and decision-making about all climate change related risks on the Australian coast. It is consistent with coastal zone management and adaptation planning approaches used by Australian states and territories. Users can work through a series of steps; from identifying climate change challenges and impacts through to implementing adaptation solutions, monitoring and evaluating their effects, and making necessary adjustments. 

C-CADS supports users to identify and overcome potential barriers to adaptation by getting organisational buy-in, communicating and engaging effectively with stakeholders and understanding financing options. It is designed to help users develop adaptation plans and actions that are fit for purpose in their context. Its iterative design—so users can move between sections depending on their planning stage and experience— enables users to build their personal and organisational capacity as they develop their plan. 

Use C-CADS by first scanning all steps to get a good overview. (The C-CADS infographic provides a useful overview of the process). Then follow steps in detail to develop and implement an Adaptation Plan. Delve into greater detail to support action in high-risk, priority areas.

CoastAdapt provides more detailed guidance documents and case studies to help to contextualise some of the complex issues of adaptation such as planning under uncertainty. 

Importantly, C-CADS is consistent with risk-based coastal zone management and adaptation approaches used in Australia and internationally. 

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