Designing Effective Locally Managed Areas (LMAs) in Tropical Marine Environments: Guidance to Help Sustain Community Benefits through Management for Fisheries, Ecosystems, and Climate Change

Posted on: 5/29/2020 - Updated on: 8/03/2022

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Meghan Gombos


This tool is focused on helping communities to understand “how to” design LMAs to incorporate the latest science to build resilience of marine resources while increasing the potential for community benefits through fisheries sustainability, and biodiversity conservation in the face of climate change.

This tool includes:

  • Outreach to communities to understand key ecological and social factors that contribute to healthy, abundant and resilient marine resources; and management suggestions that support those ecological and social factors
  • Planning steps to specifically develop zones and rules for LMAs that are based on the latest scientific recommendations for managing protected areas that have the greatest chances of supporting resilience to climate change and other threats. Zones and rules are also based on target species that communities are concerned about for livelihoods


Facilitators of community based planning for locally managed areas


Meghan Gombos