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Posted on: 8/02/2022 - Updated on: 8/18/2022

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Global Forest Watch (GFW) is an online platform that provides data and tools for monitoring forests. By harnessing cutting-edge technology, GFW allows anyone to access near real-time information about where and how forests are changing around the world.

MapBuilder is an easy to use tool which enables users to combine their own datasets with GFW’s cutting-edge data and analysis tools:

  1. Compelling data: Combine GFW datasets, dozens of layers available through ArcGIS Online and your own uploaded data
  2. Powerful analysis: Leverage GFW’s powerful geospatial analysis tools including tree cover loss, land cover composition and GLAD alert analysis.
  3. Proven platform: MapBuilder integrates with both organizational and free public ArcGIS Online accounts as an application template.
  4. Broad reach: Applications can be deployed as stand-alone websites, embedded into your website or shared using integrated social media tools.

There are a number of tutorials to help you navigate the platform and map building process.

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