Heat Action Platform

Posted on: 7/26/2023 - Updated on: 11/06/2023

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This tool is available in English and Spanish.

The Heat Action Platform is a place for city officials, practitioners, and financial institutions to find guidance on reducing the human and economic impacts of extreme heat at the regional or municipal level.

It is a living, engagement-oriented policy tool to find guidance, both existing resources and tailor-made solutions, on reducing the human and economic impacts of extreme heat at the regional or municipal level. The platform offers opportunities to engage with world-leading experts across a diversity of disciplines to plan, fund, implement, and measure heat resilience actions. The platform includes three phases with a total of nine steps, and you can start at any point in the process, depending on your goals and specific areas of interest:

  1. Assess: how to conduct a baseline heat risk assessment, assess heat risk awareness, and identify heat-related vulnerabilities and impacts. This supports the development and eventual implementation of heat strategies and actions.
  2. Plan: how to develop an education and engagement strategy, explore solutions, create a plan, and identify funding and financing sources. This phase supports the development of actionable heat strategies with clear implementation pathways.
  3. Implement: how to implement, monitor, and evaluate solutions.

Use this tool to:

  1. Develop a heat action plan or similar planning/goal-setting initiative;
  2. Create an individual project or policy intervention with heat-risk reduction and preparedness goals;
  3. Embed heat-risk reduction and preparedness strategies into another plan; or
  4. Make the case for investments in community heat resilience.

Managing Organizations

Adrienne Arsht-Rockefeller Foundation Resilience Center