INDEEP & DOSI Deep-Ocean Network

Posted on: 8/19/2022 - Updated on: 9/14/2022

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From 2011 to 2017, the International Network for Scientific Investigations of Deep-Sea Ecosystems (INDEEP) was a global collaborative scientific network dedicated to the acquisition of data, synthesis of knowledge, and communication of findings on the biology and ecology of our global deep ocean, in order to inform its management and ensure its long-term health.

The INDEEP programme was launched in December 2010 with a kick-off meeting in New Orleans, attended by 41 participants representing 16 different countries. During that meeting, research priorities for the INDEEP community and the need to ensure fluent communication amongst all stakeholders and parties with interests in the deep ocean were discussed. As a result, INDEEP aims to bring together and help coordinate research and communication efforts from across the globe through working groups targeting the following topics:

  1. Taxonomy and Evolution
  2. Biodiversity and Biogeography
  3. Population Connectivity
  4. Ecosystem Function
  5. Anthropogenic Impact and Science Policy (please note, this WG was disbanded in INDEEP Phase 2)

The INDEEP project played central role in the creation of the Deep-Ocean Stewardship Initiative (DOSI) and continues under the Decade Working Group.

The mission of DOSI is to integrate science, technology, policy, law, economics and industry to advise on ecosystem-based management of resource use in the deep ocean and strategies to maintain the integrity of deep-ocean ecosystems within and beyond national jurisdiction. The Working Group aims to provide input to the preparation for and implementation of the Decade in relation to the deep-ocean science, particularly in the field of deep-sea ecology. It currently has 38 members from around the globe.

Current program activities:



Dr. Maria Baker

Managing Organizations

The aim of the International Network for Scientific Investigations of Deep-Sea Ecosystems (INDEEP) is to develop and synthesise our understanding of deep-sea global biodiversity and functioning and provide a framework to bridge the gap between scientific results and society to aid in the formation of sustainable management strategies.

The Deep-Ocean Stewardship Initiative (DOSI) is a global network of over 2100 experts from over 90 different countries who pool research, skills and expertise to inform and advise on sustainable deep-ocean governance and management of resources, working to safeguard the marine environment for current and future generations.

DOSI’s mission is to utilise independent scientific findings about the deep ocean to support its ecosystem-based management and integrate other fields of expertise in the development of deep-ocean strategies and solutions.