LA County Climate Vulnerability Web Tool

Posted on: 12/07/2021 - Updated on: 8/18/2022

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This interactive, on-line mapping platform was created with the purpose of providing additional capacity for exploration of the Los Angeles County Climate Vulnerability Assessment. The tool allows users to examine layer details not otherwise provided in the final report. This includes looking at climate hazards, infrastructure, and census tract level details on individual indicators that make up social vulnerability to climate change. The platform also allows users to toggle layers on and off, zoom in and out, switch base maps, and search addresses.

Layer categories include:

  1. Administrative boundaries
  2. Climate hazards 
  3. Social vulnerability layers 
  4. Infrastructure layers


The objective of the mapping platform is to give stakeholders, policymakers, and implementers, the ability to refine results to better align with the specific needs of their community, jurisdiction, or sub-population. This transparent and collaborative tool fosters planning for countywide adaptation and resilience.


LA County Chief Sustainability Office

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Los Angeles County Chief Sustainability Office

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