Mapping Ocean Wealth

The Nature Conservancy

Posted on: 8/10/2022 - Updated on: 9/14/2022

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Informed by science, communications and policy work, Mapping Ocean Wealth visualizes in quantitative terms all that the ocean does for us today, so that we make smarter investments and decisions for the ocean of tomorrow.

The Mapping Ocean Wealth data viewer is a live online resource for sharing understanding of the value of marine and coastal ecosystems to people. It includes global maps, regionally-specific studies, reference data, and a number of “apps” providing key data analytics. Maps and apps can be opened according to key themes or geographies. The navigator the left of the maps enables you to add or remove any additional map layers as you explore. Information keys explain how the maps were made and provide additional links. Further information and resources can be found on

A global partnership of scientists, policy practitioners and financial experts launched Mapping Ocean Wealth in January 2014. Led by The Nature Conservancy, this effort was conceptualized and incubated in partnership with The World Bank and is mapping the world’s vast ocean wealth in all its many forms and changing conservation and development policies and practices in the process through an understanding of how and where ocean wealth is generated and valued.

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