The toolkit is a compilation of tools and resources that have been developed over the years by the Sea Grant Network to help local communities become more resilient.

As coastal populations continue to grow it becomes increasingly necessary for communities to become more resilient to a range of natural hazards, water quality challenges, severe weather, and the effects of climate change. Sea Grant programs are spread across diverse communities and specialize in developing tools that are tailored to local needs. This portal allows people to learn about tools from across the entire network giving users the opportunity to adapt tools for their own local needs. Each entry includes a description of the tools, a link for more information, and a point of contact.


Local/regional authorities, community groups and planners, policy makers


National Sea Grant Office

Sea Grant is a nationwide network (administered through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration [NOAA]), of 32 university-based programs that work with coastal communities.


Target Climate Changes and Impacts
Culture / communities
Infrastructure damage
Storms or extreme weather events
Water quality
Water supply
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Other Climate Change or Adaptation Portals
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