Preparing for Extreme Weather Events: Workshop Planner for the Water Sector

Posted on: 4/03/2014 - Updated on: 2/27/2020

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Rachel Gregg


EPA’s Preparing for Extreme Weather Events: Workshop Planner for the Water Sector helps drinking water, wastewater and stormwater utilities prepare for extreme events by providing materials needed to plan, facilitate and conduct an adaptation planning workshop.

After choosing a scenario, users are guided through five development steps (pictured below), customizing provided templates to develop a workshop that fits their utility, objectives and audience. The Workshop Planner takes the guesswork out of the design process, allowing a user to successfully conduct and facilitate a workshop without outside assistance. These workshops create a forum to openly discuss extreme event adaptation while bringing utility and community partners together.

All of the materials included on the Workshop Planner are customizable and are structured to allow the audience to:

  • Understand the connection between climate change and extreme events,
  • Learn the adaptation planning process,
  • Discuss the potential impacts to the utility from more frequent and intense extreme events,
  • Determine how potential adaptation options could be implemented in a utility or community and
  • Develop actions that can be taken immediately to become better prepared for and more resilient to extreme events.


Water, wastewater, and stormwater utility professionals

Managing Organizations

Climate change impacts pose challenges to drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater (water sector) utilities in fulfilling their public health and environmental missions. Extreme weather events, sea level rise, shifting precipitation and runoff patterns, temperature changes, and resulting changes in water quality and availability contribute to a complex scenario of climate change challenges that have potentially significant implications for the sustainability of the water sector.