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The PREP Partnership brings together stakeholders from the public, private and nonprofit sectors, including government agencies, leading technology companies and networks of climate preparedness practitioners. The Partnership supports the adaptation planning community by:

  • Promoting dialogue between climate data providers and users;
  • Soliciting input on user needs and data priorities to streamline and curate data for resilience planning;
  • Working to improve interoperability across different data products and platforms; and
  • Developing products, creating guidance and supporting PREPdata applications to build capacity for adaptation planning.

The Partnership is currently being coordinated by the World Resources Institute and Future Earth. See the full list of current PREP Partners.


Discover and interact with climate, physical, and socioeconomic data, including temperature, extreme events, infrastructure, and agriculture.

PREPdata is a map-based, open data online platform that allows users to access and visualize spatial data reflecting past and future climate, as well as the physical and socioeconomic landscape for climate adaptation and resilience planning. The platform is continuing to evolve through the input of PREP partners and PREPdata users. It is a flexible tool for climate adaptation planning, designed to address many of the gaps and challenges adaptation practitioners face.

Distinguishing elements of PREPdata:

  • A visual, map-based platform that is user-friendly and customized to different contexts and skill levels
  • Active curation of datasets focused on climate resilience, streamlining the process of accessing and navigating to relevant data
  • A commitment to global coverage, with an emphasis on increasing access to datasets for the Global South, and support for applications across different scales and geographies
  • A user-needs based strategy for platform development, utilizing the knowledge and network of the partners and platform users to enable continuous improvement
  • Users can filter by topic, geography, and time period to create custom maps.

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PREP Dashboards

Collections of data and tools that users compile to support their climate resilience and preparedness planning. View dashboards that others have created, or create your own to track key issues in your area by creating an account.

PREP has begun working with partners at city, state, and national scales across the globe to put the platform to use in support of efforts to prepare for climate change. Sonoma County has applied PREPdata to support climate resilience planning, with a focus on changes that could affect the wine-growing and tourism-dependent region. In India, PREPdata is being used to support climate adaptation plans in two Indian states – Uttarakhand and Madhya Pradesh – through the development of state-level dashboards to track key indicators of climate hazard, vulnerability and adaptation. In Africa, PREP partners are exploring the use of PREPdata as a platform for regional-scale analysis of vulnerability to climate change.

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Managing Organizations

The Partnership for Resilience and Preparedness (PREP)

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