The Resilient House

Created: 4/01/2014 - Updated: 2/27/2020


The Resilient House provides an interactive guide to climate change adaptation of your house with regard to the problems that may arise from extreme weather events. The Danish Nature Agency is offering this 'interactive house' wizard which offers advice on how to protect your home against climate change. 

The Resilient House has been developed by the Danish Nature Agency in collaboration with Thomas CGI design, Operate, the Danish Energy Agency  and the Danish Building Research Institute.


Individuals and homeowners can find inspiration in The Resilient House to become more alert to problems associated with extreme weather events, before they occur on their property.


The Danish Ministry of the Environment is in charge of administrative and research tasks in the areas of environmental protection and planning. In Denmark, the administration at the state level is managed by the Ministry of the Environment. At the regional and local levels, much of the administrative responsibility has been delegated to municipalities.


Target Climate Changes and Impacts
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