Sea Level Rise mobile app

Created: 4/12/2016 - Updated: 2/27/2020


Android and iPhone app that allows approved people to enter data on: 1) locations where they know flooding occurs and 2) map the outlines/extent of the flooding during flood events. Users can also associate photographs and text with data points entered. General public can view data points but data entry limited to users who have been approved, creating a data quality standard for the data.

This device is being tested along the Atlantic Coast and will work anywhere in the world. We are expanding its use and finding new test cases for its operation and looking for new partners to insure the app's sustainability.


The goal is to crowdsource flooding information for use by researchers, emergency managers, people working on predictive flood models, and citizens seeking control of the flooding impacts in their coastal communities - so we can start to take action on flooding and sea level rise.

Currently data is being used by local government planners, emergency managers, and flood plain managers. It is being used by researchers and modelers at universities, as well as outeach staff with state Sea Grant Programs.



Wetlands Watch is a Virginia non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and conserving Virginia wetlands. Launched on Earth Day 2001,Wetlands Watch believes that citizens who understand the value of wetlands will be motivated to protect and conserve them. We believe that environmental regulators need community support to effectively enforce laws and regulations.


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