Soil Climate Analysis Network (SCAN)

Posted on: 8/01/2017 - Updated on: 2/27/2020

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The Soil Climate Analysis Network (SCAN) is a network of monitoring sites established in agricultural and other areas across the United States. Soil moisture, soil temperature, precipitation, wind, and soil radiation data from these sites is collected, compiled, and presented via the online SCAN mapping tool. Using the mapping tool, users can access and explore real-time and recorded hydrological and climatological trends taking place in various areas of the county. Users can select specific sites of interest, or query sites by elevation, state, county, and available monitoring information. A vast amount of current and historic data is available for each site; along with SCAN data, many sites have SNOTEL, Snowcourse, water supply, and other climatological monitoring information, including air temperature, relative humidity, snow depth and snow-water equivalent, barometric pressure, reservoir storage, and streamflow. Users can explore hourly, daily, and water year trends, or link through to a monitoring site’s specific page for more detailed information. SCAN data can be used by a variety of practitioners to inform water resources and natural resources management decisions, as it provides long-term monitoring information.

Phase of Adaptation: Awareness, Assessment, Planning, Monitoring


Land managers, water utility managers, natural resource managers, local authorities, planners, policymakers, engineers, scientists


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NRCS works with farmers, ranchers and forest landowners across the country to help them boost agricultural productivity and protect our natural resources through conservation.The conservation practices NRCS promotes are helping producers prepare for what’s ahead. From systems that help improve the health of the soil and water to restoring wetlands and wildlife populations, we’re helping to ensure the health of our natural resources and the long-term sustainability of American agriculture.


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