Southeast Conservation Blueprint

Posted on: 12/09/2020 - Updated on: 10/25/2023

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Hilary Morris


The Southeast Conservation Blueprint is the primary product of the Southeast Conservation Adaptation Strategy (SECAS), a regional conservation partnership that spans the Southeastern United States and Caribbean. The Southeast Blueprint is a living, spatial plan to achieve the SECAS vision of a connected network of lands and waters.

The Blueprint identifies priority areas based on a suite of natural and cultural resource indicators representing terrestrial, freshwater, and marine ecosystems. A connectivity analysis identifies corridors that link coastal and inland areas and span climate gradients. So far, more than 2,000 people from over 500 different organizations have actively participated in developing the Blueprint.

More than 350 people from over 140 organizations have used or are using the Blueprint in their work. So far, the Southeast Blueprint has helped bring in more than $100 million in conservation funding to protect and restore over 200,000 acres. It has been used to inform public lands planning, strengthen land protection proposals, identify shared longleaf restoration priorities, refine natural habitat cores in local comprehensive plans, and much more.

You can access the Southeast Blueprint in 3 different ways:


  • Local governments and regional planning councils developing comprehensive plans
  • Natural resource managers submitting grant proposals for funding to recover endangered species
  • Private companies developing analyses to support their business
  • State wildlife agencies supporting proposals for funding to protect coastal wetlands and improve public access to recreation opportunities.
  • Longleaf pine conservation partnerships identifying restoration and management priorities.
  • Nonprofit organizations advocating to sustain critical sources of conservation funding
  • Public lands planning for the future
  • Anyone who wants to help shape the conservation future of the Southeast and Caribbean


Hilary Morris

Managing Organizations

SECAS is a regional conservation partnership that spans the Southeastern United States and Caribbean. SECAS was started in 2011 by the states of the Southeastern Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies and the federal agencies of the Southeast Natural Resource Leaders Group. 

SECAS brings together state and federal agencies, nonprofit organizations, private businesses, tribes, partnerships, and universities around a shared vision of the future. We’re working to design and achieve a connected network of lands and waters to benefit ecosystems, species, and people.