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Posted on: 11/20/2016 - Updated on: 2/27/2020

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STORMTOOLS shows coastal inundation projections from storm surge inundation and sea level rise. STORMTOOLS is a method to map storm inundation, with and without sea level rise, for varying return period storms that covers all of Rhode Island’s coastal waters.

STORMTOOLS For Beginners

STORMTOOLS for Beginners is a one-map stop for all residents of Rhode Island to better understand their risk from coastal inundation.  This map allows you to enter an address in Rhode Island, and get answers to 3 questions about your property:

  1. Is my property vulnerable to STORM SURGE?;
  2. How DEEP will the water be on my property during a 100-year (1% chance) coastal storm?; and
  3. Will projected SEA LEVEL RISE affect my property?


STORMTOOLS fCaptureor Municipalities is a one-map stop for Rhode Island’s municipal officials and decision makers of Rhode Island to better understand their risk from coastal inundation.  This map provides information on flooding impacts from storms and sea level rise, as well as information on the location of critical infrastructure, coastal structures and population density.



Rhode Island coastal managers, planners, and citizens

A step-by-step guide can be found here

Managing Organizations

The Coastal Resources Management Council is a management agency with regulatory functions. Its primary responsibility is for the preservation, protection, development and where possible the restoration of the coastal areas of the state via the issuance of permits for work with the coastal zone of the state.


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