Toolkit for Young Climate Activists

Posted on: 5/23/2024 - Updated on: 5/23/2024

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This toolkit, available in four languages, is created by and for young people in Latin America and the Caribbean who are concerned about our planets situation and who, as activists, have faced many challenges when advocating and taking action. The toolkit's goal is to share clear, concise, easily understandable information that describes the course that global, regional and national climate action is taking, in order to prepare young people for full and informed participation.

Resources in this toolkit include:

  • Tools for climate action: Know about key tools for making progress towards the global climate action goals and the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • What is climate governance? A guide to understanding national climate governance and climate negotiations
  • Climate glossary for young people: Important concepts and definitions you need to know for climate activism.
  • Paris Agreement for young people: Gain in-depth understanding of the Paris Agreement, its importance and all its articles
  • Escazú Agreement for young people: Gain in-depth understanding of the Escazú Agreement, its importance and all its articles
  • Prepare to act! Practical tips for adolescents and young people to help you prepare for climate advocacy and action
  • Air quality: It’s time to act! Key concepts and citizen experiences to understand air quality and take action for a clean air
  • A young person's guide to sustainable energy: Key concepts to understanding sustainable energy and its relationship with climate change, the role of young people, and why the world needs a just energy transition.

The website is available in English and Español. Each resource above is available in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese. Documents are attached below in their English format.

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