Tribal Adaptation Planning Resources Toolkit

Posted on: 3/23/2022 - Updated on: 8/03/2022

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This "toolkit" is a collection of templates and other resources developed by the Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals (ITEP) to assist tribes in their climate change adaptation planning process. The materials provided are not "one-size-fits-all" solutions, and users are encouraged to modify the materials to better represent the needs and priorities of their own tribe.

ITEP was created to act as a catalyst among tribal governments, research and technical resources at Northern Arizona University (NAU), various federal, state and local governments, and the private sector, in support of environmental protection of Native American natural resources. ITEP was established at NAU in 1992, in cooperation with USEPA.

Adaptation Planning Toolkit Resources:

  1. Adaptation Planning Background Material [PDF]
  2. Checklist [PDF]
  3. Template: Tribal Climate Change Adaptation Planning Guide [PDF]
  4. Template: Tribal Resolution for a Climate Change Adaptation Initiative [PDF]
  5. Worksheet: Adaptation Planning [PDF]
  6. Spreadsheet: Adaptation Planning [xls]
  7. Template: Tribal Climate Change Adaptation Plan [PDF]
  8. Guides and Tools for Climate Change Adaptation Planning [xlsx]
  9. Example Tribal Climate Change Assessments and Plans [pdf]

Download the full Toolkit [zip]


The primary users of these materials will be the tribe’s climate change working group.


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