World Climate Service Seasonal and Sub-Seasonal Forecasting

Created: 2/05/2019 - Updated: 2/27/2020


The World Climate Service provides subseasonal (2-6 weeks) and seasonal (1-6 months) climate forecasts that enable users to create thier own subjective analysis and forecasts. The World Climate Service tools are designed to enable the analysis, monitoring, and forecasting of near-term climate variability.   

The World Climate Service provides:

  1. Calibrated NOAA Climate Forecast System V2 subseasonal and seasonal forecasts 
  2. Calibrated ECMWF Extended Ensemble and Seasonal Model subseasonal and seasonal forecats
  3. Multi-model calibrated ensemble forecasts, and which are documented as increasing skill over each of the individual models
  4. Analog forecasting tools for both the seasonal and subseasonal time frame
  5. Climate Index tracking and analysis.
Jan Dutton


Prescient Weather Ltd is a firm with a history of substantial accomplishment by its principal scientists in previous activities at Penn State, Weather Ventures Ltd, the World Climate Service, and in professional and advisory activies on the national and international scene.


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