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Jose Gonzalez

Graduate Student Assistant

I am currently a graduate student in Environmental Studies and Society at California State University, Fullerton. I plan to receive my Master of Science in May 2018. I received a Bachelor of Science in Urban and Regional Planning from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona in June 2015. I am currently a graduate student assistant for the California Environmental Protection Agency in the Department of Toxic Substances Control. My daily job duties include updating the status of reports and provide support in the organization, cataloging, and archiving of technical documents associated with hazardous substance release sites. Provide support for staff overseeing the remediation of hazardous substance release sites by reviewing, evaluating, and summarizing investigation and analytical data. Assist project management staff in the maintenance and update of hazardous waste oversight document review schedules. Conduct research and create databases on ROI, return on investment, data for brownfield redevelopment. I have experience as a Recreation Use Researcher for the University Auxiliary and Research Services Corporation (UARSC). I collected visitor satisfaction data on forest facilities and services to improve the recreation experience at southern California National Forests. I conducted research in the San Gabriel River to monitor the effects of recreational use on the environment and by surveying the effectiveness of an educational outreach program. Some of the primary goals of the project were to preserve the water supply, quality of the natural habitat and protection of endangered species such as the Santa Ana Suckerfish. I measured observable, behavioral outcomes with GPS documentation of trash levels in trash bins. I photographed and mapped changes to the river occurring over the summer season due to natural and man-made causes. I spent the summer of 2015 as a Latino Heritage Intern for Environment for the Americas and the National Park Service, I contributed toward intensive research on archeological resources through archival searches, field studies, site recording, and condition assessments. Examined archives and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) database, field surveys, site condition assessments, archeological documentation, mapping, and data entry. Gained hands-on experience in cultural resource studies and management: history, archeology, museum collections, anthropology, and historic preservation. Surveyed several areas near reptile, research traps in order to find any archaeological artifacts and ensured the reptile traps were in good condition. Removed Russian Thistle, Tumbleweed, in order to prevent wildfires since they are dry vegetation which are easily tossed around by wind which exploit disturbed natural ecosystems, making it difficult for native plants to become reestablished. As a Volunteer Intern for the Watershed Conservation Authority, I reviewed public notices from projects in the San Gabriel River Watershed to determine their effect on the biodiversity in the area. Used my firsthand experience surveying in the San Gabriel River with UARSC to give recommendations on three alternative designs for the East Fork San Gabriel River Improvement project. Prepared documents and presentations for meetings with city officials, local stakeholders, and community members. Researched grant funding opportunities from local, state and federal sources for active transportation projects.