Climate Change Adaptation Certification Tool

Posted on: 1/03/2019 - Updated on: 9/28/2020

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Climate Change Adaptation Certification Tool: Moving Communities from Planning to Implementation

The Climate Change Adaptation Certification Tool was developed to support communities beyond planning—helping them implement their updated Comprehensive Plan. Using this 3-step CCAC tool for rapid implementation of climate savvy planning goals and policies will enable community services, infrastructure, ecosystems and economies to better anticipate and respond to the effects of climate change. 

EcoAdapt and Foresight Partners Consulting developed the Climate Change Adaptation Certification project, process and 3-step tool in order to advance nascent local conversations around climate change adaptation to tangible implementation actions. This work began in the Puget Sound region of Washington where they also developed guidance for anyone wanting to understand why and how to incorporate climate considerations in local comprehensive planning—addressing planning for both adaptation and mitigation. This guidance (Hansen, L.J., S.J. Nordgren and E.E. Mielbrecht. 2017. Climate Change Adaptation through Local Comprehensive Planning: Guidance for Puget Sound Communities. EcoAdapt. Bainbridge Island. WA) is also available on CAKE.