Climate Resilience Consulting


Climate Resilience Consulting works with clients to adapt to climate change, enabling resilience in markets and communities. Our mission is to enable communities, governments and corporations to avoid, prepare for and resist the global and local impacts of climate change.

As a social enterprise, we provide insight to prevent the avoidable and manage the unpreventable in the era of climate change. We have been pioneers in the climate resilience field for over two decades. Our tools allow leaders to make resilient choices during our engagement and beyond, increasing social equity while mitigating risks. We work with you to prioritize your resources, enhance your investments, and build resilient institutions.

Our focus is on three aspects:

  1. Strategy: Our strategy work focuses on equitable resilience success through transformative policy change, infrastructure improvements, and vibrant partnerships. Over a decade ago, we created one of the world’s first resilience strategies and we lead advisory groups, offer training, and perform research for strategy success.
  2. Finance: To move from plans to action, communities need funding. We wrote the book on resilient infrastructure finance and work among stakeholders to address funding issues through targeting activities, policy development, resource allocation, and relationship-building.
  3. Measurement: Sustainability tactics such as waste, water and carbon reduction fail to measure climate resilience on their own. We created the world’s first holistic measure of resilience, and our tools measure resilience, evaluate progress, and prepare for future scenarios with a special emphasis on justice.
Adaptation Work:

The UN has identified four components of adaptation for resilience: assessment, planning, implementation and monitoring. Climate Resilience Consulting provides technical assistance to obtain success in each component, working with clients to create practical solutions that enhance markets and communities through adaptation. We excel at strategies, policies, processes and activities that build resilience.

Phone Number: 301-655-9788