Kasey Jacobs

Climate Change Specialist/Partnership & Outreach Coordinator


Puerto Rico's Coastal Program was approved by NOAA in 1978 and is comprised of a network of agencies with authority in the coastal zone. The Department of Natural and Environmental Resources serves as the lead agency and is responsible for managing the maritime zone, coastal waters, and submerged lands. The Puerto Rico Planning Board serves as the primary agency for managing coastal development.

In 2010, over 50 researchers, planners, economists, architects, sociologists, health professionals, and hydrologists, as well as several other professionals and experts of other fields relevant to the study of climate variability and change met and agreed to contribute to assess potential effects and impacts associated to climate variability and change in Puerto Rico. The main objective of the initial group was to assess the vulnerability of coastal communities, critical infrastructure, and biodiversity and to initiate the development of adaptation strategies.

The Caribbean Landscape Conservation Cooperative (CLCC)’s mission is to develop and provide the best available conservation science and strategies to agencies, decision-makers, organizations, researchers, and the general public, in order to conserve, restore and sustain natural and cultural resources in the Caribbean.