Kevin Zerbe


My work focuses on developing climate adaptation plans, vulnerability and impact assessments, and resilience strategies for natural resources and infrastructure systems. I have written and contributed to multiple climate adaptation plans and policies at the local, State, and Tribal levels of government. More specifically, my expertise is in research and project management pertaining to climate resilience for coastal and forest resources as well as hazard mitigation/disaster recovery and land use. Current research interests: 1) Climate vulnerabilities and adaptation measures for Indigenous Peoples, 2) Coastal zone and forest management practices in a changing climate, and 3) Intersection of disaster risk reduction and climate impacts.


Cascadia Consulting Group develops and implements innovative solutions to today’s environmental challenges. Our company’s mission is to pioneer a sustainable future, making a positive difference for our clients, our community, and the environment. We work with governments, corporations, and nonprofit organizations across the United States and internationally to advance resource conservation, climate resilience, green infrastructure, and waste reduction solutions.